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How to speed up your PC Running on Window 10 [Quick Tips]

Want to speed up your window 10? Facing some serious issue while opening any software or program? Want solution for this? Landed at right place! Here in this post we have added few amazing tips/tricks/methods which help you to cope out with this problem. Basically, In this post we have added few simple tactics which help you to increase your laptop functioning speed.

It really irritates me whenever my laptop is running slow. Currently, I am using window 10 on my HP laptop and most of the time when I open multiple program/software in my PC then it lags a lot. I disturb the Google/YouTube about the same! But I didn’t find any corrective solution for my issue.

Most of the website have just shared 2000+ word content but they don’t event added the proper process to fast the RAM. Most of the software engineer suggest using the SSD, that will make your Lappy/PC faster. But SSD burns most of our pocket and most of us can’t afford this :(.

speed up your PC

What are the main reasons due to which your Laptop is not running smooth #af?

1. Use of Heavy software leads to the slow processing of Lappy.
2. Most of the program consumes a lot of your PC RAM which leads to slow rebooting of apps/software.
3. Highly usage of DISK SPACE
4. Viruses/Malware eats up your RAM
5. Cheap specifications of the laptop like a slow processor.

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Nothing to worry mate! As after reading this post and performing the same tips/tricks/tactics to make your Pc faster.

Leaving the introduction part, Let’s get to the main part of the post.

Quick tips to Increase your Laptop/PC Speed

#1 Clean Up Your Disk Space

  • Tap on the window button on your keyboard and type “Disk Clean Up”
  • Now Hit the enter button
  • A popup window will appear on your screen
  • Now on the left side, Click on “Clean Up System File”
  • That’s all! Your Disk cleaning will start soon
  • This process may take a little bit of time
  • Sit back and Relax

Note: None of your important files will be deleted during this cleaning process. So just chill pill!

Pro Tip: Uninstall all the unwanted and Crap application which are running on your laptop. Remove that software which is of no use. These kinda programs are just eating up your RAM.

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#2 Scan for Viruses and Threats

Download a well known popular Antivirus ( Paid Version ) and Scans your entire PC or laptop. We must recommend you to use the paid antivirus for this process else you will not be benefited.
By running a virus scan test, You will get to know about the Malware and viruses infected file in your PC.
Also, If you are not willing to pay for the Antivirus then you can also use the default Window Defender ( Installed on Your PC) and perform a “scan virus” test. This will help you to some extent to scan your PC.

After running the Malware/Virus scan test, Delete that infected software or program installed in your laptop/Pc.

#3 Modify your Power Settings

Hit the Window Tab button on your Keyboard
Search for Control Panel and Hit the enter button
Next move to System and Security Options
Now click the Power Settings
Now Hit the drop-down arrow on your right side to show “additional option” visible.
Now you have to check the ”High Performance” option.

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Note: When you use your laptop/Pc at this setting then it uses more of your PC resources and energy.

Wrapping up

That’s all for this informative post on ” “. We have added all the essential and easy step by step process which helps you to make your PC/Laptop faster. All the above-mentioned method are purely tested and performed by our teammates. If you guys are facing any errors while performing any steps then please let us know in the comment section. Our teammate will reply to you soon within a few hours.

Also, If you want to share any of your precious methods with our visitors then please share it with us via the comment section.
If this post really proves to be helpful for you then must share this post with your friends and loved ones. Stay tuned with us for more such amazing post 🙂

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